All Hail #Mambaday – MLB icon Mike Trout once honored NBA legend Kobe Bryant at Mambaday with cleats and gloves

A legend for the other. Major League Baseball legend Mike Trout of the Los Angeles Angels has paid tribute to the late NBA legend Kobe Bryant. Trout paid tribute to the star Lakers player ahead of the final game of his NBA career.

Mambaday is celebrated on August 24 to honor the NBA champion for the two jersey numbers he wore during his NBA career – 24 & 8. A day before, 23 is also the champion’s birthday. January 26, 2020 is the day Kobe’s helicopter crashed in Calabasas, taking his daughter and seven other lives.


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Four years prior, the 10-time star paid tribute to the NBA champion with his custom cleats and batting gloves.

What was so special about Mike Trout’s cleats and batting gloves?

Mike Trout’s cleats were painted black and gold, and his gloves were black, purple and gold. The gloves had Bryant’s emblem on the index finger and his two jersey numbers – 8 and 24 – stitched under the palm.

Even though the athlete couldn’t wear his custom Nikes because they weren’t his official team colors, he wore the gloves.

Mike said, “It’s crazy when you think that next year he won’t be wearing the uniform. It’s passing quickly.


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Bryant had attended several LA Angels games, retired as a five-time NBA champion, and was the third-highest scorer in NBA history.

Just like other fans, Trout was sad about Bryant’s retirement


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Even though they knew the NBA star was going to retire, his fans were sad. And they didn’t want him to leave.

Among these fans was also the baseball player. He said, “When you were turning on an NBA game, you wanted to watch Kobe. It sucks to see him go, but obviously he’s doing what’s right for him and his family. He’s had a great career.”


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Trout knew what Kobe was doing was good, but it still made him a little sad. Bryant spent his 20-year career as a shooting guard for the Los Angeles Lakers only. Basketball ran through his veins, as his father was also an NBA player. And it also runs in the blood of his children.

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