Arizona Football and Arizona Basketball get new uniforms


Just before the 2021-22 seasons, Arizona Football and Arizona Basketball will receive new uniforms, returning to more traditional looks.

Arizona Football and Arizona Basketball fans have long wanted the Wildcats to ditch Nike’s somewhat drab uniform designs over the past four plus years.

Well, for those looking for some good news out there, it looks like new uniforms are on their way for both programs soon.

Confirmed in an interview with local broadcasters Steve Rivera and Jay GonzalesArizona athletic director Dave Heeke said several sports will receive new uniforms, returning to a more traditional look, especially for football and basketball.

For Arizona Football, it’s been a long time coming. From 2013 to 2017, the team had the very unpopular gradient sleeves (aka the ‘rainbow sleeves’) which were later replaced with the rather uninspiring look of the shoulder stripes, with the oversized number font that was not described, which often makes it difficult to see on darker uniforms.

For Arizona Basketball, it will surely be welcome too. Those who yearn for a more classic look will be happy to say goodbye to the layered uniforms that have “graced” the Wildcats since 2017.

Arizona Football and Arizona Basketball returning to more traditional looks will be popular among fans.

If you paid attention, you would have seen Arizona Football has already left clues, taking lots of pictures with rookies wearing the “Desert Swarm era” style uniforms. I have to think it’s likely that these uniforms will be worn by Arizona this coming season.

Now when it comes to basketball, one can only guess what the Wildcats will look like, but hopefully this is a mix of late 90s and early to mid-mid-century uniforms. from the 2010s.

In my opinion, the looks of Arizona Athletics have been very lackluster in recent years, and it’s high time to see the Wildcats go back to those traditional looks. Hopefully, traditional success will follow as well.


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