Astros reporter Julia Morales reveals how the team chooses uniforms each night

The Houston Astros have one of the deepest starting pitching rotations in baseball, and the same goes for the team’s 2022 uniform collection.

Houston sported their typical home white jerseys and road grays during the regular season, though the traditional duo were far from the only kits worn by Jose Altuve and company. The Astros have released the orange or navy jersey occasionally throughout 2022, and the team’s new Space City Connect jerseys debuted in April. So how do the Astros determine which jerseys to wear on any given game day? Astros field reporter and AT&T SportsNet host Julia Morales gave fans a behind-the-scenes look.

“There’s pretty much a fixed uniform on certain days of the week,” Morales said in a TikTok posted last week. “If you’re a fan, you get that. They wear white at home, they have the orange tops they wear on Fridays, the navy blue tops they wear on Sundays with the rainbows on the side. On the road [they use] grey.”

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Morales noted an exception to the team’s typical jersey schedule. Starting pitcher Framber Valdez seems to be a special touch about his jerseys, preferring navy yarns because of their lightness. Valdez had to get team approval in order to use navy jerseys on his departures, according to Morales, although the preference seems to be paying off. Valdez leads the American League in innings pitched Tuesday night, and his 2.69 ERA ranks 6th among AL pitchers.

Valdez isn’t the first pitcher to prefer a certain jersey the night he hits the rubber. Morales recalled his time reporting on the Texas Rangers in his TikTok explainer, noting that one starter in particular enjoyed throwing the team’s red jerseys.

“I’ve seen other teams do it differently,” Morales said. “Sometimes there would be a starting pitcher who liked that red top, and then the PR guy would tweet every day what uniform the team would be wearing.”

Particular preferences may differ from team to team, although when it comes to uniforms, a little superstition seems to be present in every MLB clubhouse.

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