BTS’s Suga Heads To Woodworking In A Simple, Casual Shirt That Costs Rs 23,500

BTS’s Suga takes up woodworking

Mr. Min Yoongi, are you going to make us stop talking about your fashion choices? Well, considering the fact that he often wears the simplest clothes with the greatest panache, it seems the answer to that question has to be a big fat – NO.

Of course, today was no different! The BTS singer may have only gone for a carpentry session, but it seems fashion never stands back when it comes to the boys of BTS. But hey, nothing but the best for Suga, after all.

For those of you who may not know, BTS recently released a series of vlogs, all featuring different members going about their day doing what they love. From Jin’s cooking vlog to Jimin’s bracelet making and Jungkook’s camping trip, the series ended on a high note of hard work as Suga got down to some woodworking.

But, hard work definitely requires proper attire!

And Suga of course complied. Keeping it simple and trendy, opting for a white t-shirt with pants, looks like Suga is dressing up for the occasion keeping it as simple as possible. Good thinking Yoongi, no one wants to work at the workshop in their best clothes, do they?

But, as you would expect, his simple t-shirt also costs an arm and a leg at Rs 23,500. Yes, that’s right! While at first glance the t-shirt might not look like much, it is actually the Fear of God brand Baseball t-shirt.

Trust Suga to make even a white shirt so fashionable!

While BTS’ vlog series may be over, there are still several new treats in store for ARMY. From member photo folios to album releases, a big concert in Busan and more, it seems like there are no dull days when it comes to BTS and ARMY.

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