Companies struggle to hire seasonal workers

WICHITA, Kan. (KSNW) – Businesses across the country are struggling to hire employees. With the holidays approaching, it is causing even more stress.

“It’s a tough year for us and Santa needs a lot of elves,” said Steve Jahn, owner of The Nifty Nut House.

The Nifty Nut House has been around for decades. The holidays are their peak season, Jahn says they make a month of business into a week. Jahn added that he has never struggled so hard to hire seasonal workers.

“Typically we have 60 to 80, which helps us at our seasonal peak. So we could have 45 right now or 50. We’re about halfway there, ”he said.

Jahn says they have a hard time getting people to come in for interviews, “We will schedule interviews and say we have 10 scheduled, we could have five that show up and out of those five we hire three and of these three only one or two show up. “

Businesses in various industries feel the same burden.

“I think it’s just a lot of different things. There are fewer people returning to work, fewer people looking for side jobs, just fewer people in the market, ”said Angie Nath, director of human resources at Five Star Call Centers. “People are really looking at what’s important to them. Maybe they want to move into a different part of the work environment than what they were doing before.

“I think it’s the money that exists like Amazon at $ 15 or $ 18 an hour; just way beyond what is normally available for work, ”Jahn added. “Either the pool of people is smaller or people stay at home and get paid not to work. We really don’t know why.

Jahn tried to use temp agencies and raise wages to attract workers. A trend that many companies are doing.

“We’re trying flexible hours, attendance bonuses, you know, a relaxed sartorial environment, the possibility of regular employment after the holiday season,” Nath said.

The struggle for hiring is felt beyond the holiday season, offering new opportunities for job seekers.

“In the past, a lot of seasonal jobs could have ended, you know, at Christmas or New Years, but I think there’s a lot more potential for seasonal or permanent hiring on a part-time or full-time basis. . So individuals should really go out there and see what they might be interested in, ”explained Amanda Duncan of the Wichit Workforce Center.

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