CT Salvation Army personnel travel to New Jersey to help with storm response – NBC Connecticut

After parts of New Jersey are ravaged by the remnants of Hurricane Ida, Katie Perrett is traveling there from Connecticut to lend a hand.

“It’s very devastating. You know everyone. Personal belongings are literally dumped on the side of the road, ”said Perrett, division volunteer and disaster relief coordinator for the Salvation Army.

Perrett and ultimately three others from Connecticut will help provide food, cleaning supplies, and support for those who have lost so much.

“For me it’s definitely hit home. It’s, you know, I have family here and although they haven’t been affected, I would love to help their neighbors who are in need, ”Perrett said.

They will be visiting the affected areas every day, as many are still in disbelief.

With so many uncertainties, Perrett also hopes to provide some reassurance, connect them to resources, and show, even in the midst of these trying times, that there are people out there who care.

“It’s really heartbreaking and they are very overwhelmed. I think they are really grateful when we are able to donate the resources now, but it will still be a long road to recovery, ”said Perrett.

Perrett tells us that she is on a two-week deployment.

If you would like to help the mission, visit SalvationArmyNJ.org.

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