Design History: Daylight Jersey

Angel City’s 2022 away kit, Daylight, is a bold, distinctive and cutting-edge design that has quickly become a fan favorite – and because the club are releasing a new away kit in 2023, Daylight is synonymous with the inaugural season of the ACFC. The jersey was designed by Matthew Wolff; we spoke with Angel City’s creative director, Amedea Tassinari, about her inspiration and the choices that went into it.

What is the story behind the design of this shirt?

The home kit, Dawn, is about our club, and the away kit, Daylight, is about our city. The sunrise motif of the home jersey represents the dawn of a new era. It’s art deco, which refers to our stadium and downtown architecture, but “dawn” is the dawn of a new day and the arrival of Angel City, so this shirt is really the history of our club.

Meanwhile, our city’s story for our freshman year is very “LA cool.” Where Dawn is a classic design, Daylight is a bold, street-ready design. It’s this very sunny summer, good weather, West Coast atmosphere, with these palm branches coming everywhere. I love the black palm, which is mirrored by the black left sleeve, while the rest is white and shiny. We call it Daylight rather than something like “sunset”, because we’re still on that bigger story of optimism and the dawning of a new day. So the home and away kits each refer to the debut theme in different ways.

We also didn’t want it to be strictly a beach vibe, because LA is so much deeper than that. So there’s an asphalt texture you’ll see on all those palm branches – and with the black palm branches, our black color is called Asphalt. Whenever we talk about this jersey, we always say concrete to the coast, because we never mean just the coast. This is very intentional, because LA’s landscape is also LA’s diversity. It’s a full 360° LA jersey.

Talk about the color Sol Rosa. why is it called like that?

We had our color before we even had the crest, and it was intentionally named. Pink has never really been a choice of femininity – it’s all about sunshine, which again goes back to the theme of, on a superficial level it feels LA, but on a deeper level it feels L.A. acts of optimism and pushing towards the future, just like the angel in the crest.

It’s in Spanish on purpose, because we wanted to create a connection with LA’s Latin roots and honor that as we move forward. ¡Volemos!, which is like our mantra, is on the back of the jersey – we wear it on our backs. It’s subtle, but it’s still there.

And then when the players wear the Daylight jersey, they obviously wear Sol Rosa shorts. Again, being in our first year, we want to be strong with our brand colors and brand identity. You see them on the field and you know it’s Angel City, and not just because of the color – you look at it and it would be hard to identify it as another NWSL city. “Without a doubt LA” is the slogan of this one.

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