EXCLUSIVE: Hubert Davis opens up about UNC basketball, recruiting and his transition as head coach


The following is part of an exclusive interview between 97.9 The Hill’s Art Chansky and new UNC basketball coach Hubert Davis which aired on 97.9 The Hill earlier this week. Scroll to the bottom of this article to listen to the full audio conversation.

After spending nine seasons as a staff assistant to Roy Williams, Hubert Davis was named the head coach of the UNC men’s basketball program earlier this year.

Speaking to 97.9 The Hill’s Art Chansky, Davis said the transition from assistant to head coach has several differences – most notable is that he is “still active” as a basketball head coach. .

“One of the things I’ve told people over the last three or four weeks is that as an all-day assistant you make suggestions,” Davis said. “As the head coach all day, you make decisions. This is the biggest difference between being an assistant coach and a head coach. As a head coach you are always active. You do interviews, you are with your team, whether you go to the grocery store or the gas station, you are still the head coach of men’s basketball at the University of North Carolina.

Davis played for the Tar Heels from 1988 to 1992 and spent time in the NBA and with ESPN before finally joining the program in 2012. He praised Williams – who was number 1 at the conference. Davis introductory press. as head coach of UNC earlier this year.

Davis stressed that it was important to him that Williams was still on the program, even though he was no longer the head coach.

“He was on duty earlier this week and having him in the office and being able to see him is just great,” Davis said. “I love it and that’s exactly what I wanted. They have an office for him here in a basketball office. I wanted him to have a place he could call home and I wanted his children and grandchildren to feel comfortable and feel at home.

The new Tar Heels head coach is inheriting a team that has struggled in recent years. UNC finished 18-11 last season and was rebounded in the first round of the NCAA tournament by Wisconsin.

In addition, the team experienced attrition early in the offseason. Former five-star rookies Walker Kessler and Day’Ron Sharpe have left the program for Auburn and the NBA, respectively. Garrison Brooks chose to use his last year of eligibility to transfer to the state of Mississippi and play for his father.

Since then, Davis has turned to the transfer portal for impact players – Oklahoma transfer Brady Manek and Virginia transfer Justin McKoy. As UNC fires key players like Caleb Love, RJ Davis and Armando Bacot, Davis said the program needs to be improved even further.

“We didn’t achieve any of our team goals. Last year we did not win the ACC regular season or the ACC tournament. We haven’t made it to the last four and we haven’t won a national championship. So, since we haven’t achieved any of these goals, that means we need to improve. “

Despite diving into the Player Transfer Portal – a recently new development in college basketball – don’t expect the core themes of Carolina basketball to change. Davis stressed that he believes in the foundation of the UNC basketball program and everything it is built on.

“A lot of people have asked, ‘How is North Carolina going to change from a basketball perspective? I experienced this place where I coached here. I believe in the foundation of what Carolina basketball is. The foundation of this place just won’t change. It’s just not, I believe it. I played there. I lived it. I was successful there.

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Listen to the full conversation with UNC basketball coach Hubert Davis and 97.9 The Hill’s Art Chansky:


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