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In a surprise turn, Duke striker Joey Baker could be made at Durham.

Baker will enter the transfer gate, according to a team statement Wednesday afternoon. Duke previously announced in April that its 2021-22 captain underwent postseason hip surgery and would return for his fifth season in a Blue Devil uniform under new head coach Jon Scheyer.

“My four years at Duke have meant the world to me,” Baker said in Wednesday’s statement. “I’ve grown tremendously as a player, a teammate and most importantly as a person. The experiences I’ve been part of will be memories I’ll carry with me for the rest of my life. The relationships I’ve built here are more meaningful than I could ever express, and the lessons have made me a better man. I want to thank everyone in the program, but especially Coach K and our coaching staff, for helping to make the past four years the best experience possible. You have all influenced me in ways that few could understand. It will be an honor to graduate from Duke this summer and I look forward to what’s next of my career.

News of Baker’s decision comes after the May 1 NCAA transfer portal deadline, which means Baker will need to get a waiver in order to play in the 2022-23 season for a program other than the Blue Devils. The Fayetteville, North Carolina native plans to complete his political science degree at Duke this summer before leaving for a new program.

Baker averaged 4.5 points on 40.5% 3-point shooting in his senior season while serving alongside junior forward Wendell Moore Jr. as team captain.

“It has been an absolute pleasure to have Joey and his family on our program for the past four years,” former head coach Mike Krzyzewski said in Wednesday’s statement. “He has been a joy to coach and an excellent leader for our young men. I am thrilled that he is graduating from one of the greatest institutions in the world and wish him all the best. Any program will be lucky to have it.

Jonathan Levitan
| sports editor

Jonathan Levitan is a Trinity junior and sports editor of the 118th volume of The Chronicle.

How Daniel Faulkner Became Mississippi State’s Most Recognizable Fan Wed, 18 May 2022 02:00:33 +0000


STARKVILLE – It started as a casual trip to the store. Daniel Faulkner walked into The Lodge hoping to find a “pretty little outfit” for his niece. The Mississippi State dress he came across did the trick, but something caught his eye.

Faulkner was looking for a hat to add to his collection when he noticed a brown headband with a white M-over-S logo on it.

“I’d look pretty cool in there,” he thought.

So he bought it.

The headband complemented her tank top, which started out as a joke. Faulkner had been selected as “Guy of the Game” in a game against Oregon State in 2020.

Tasked with picking a prize, Faulkner’s eyes immediately turned to the object he was least likely to use.

“Tanktop,” Faulkner said. “Summer, baby. Let’s go.”

The headband and tank top have been part of MSU baseball fan lore ever since, catching the eye of ESPN’s show against Notre Dame last season and gaining momentum as the Bulldogs marched to their first national title.

Mississippi State was crushing the Irish in scorching conditions, and the TV crew noticed Faulkner was back in the front row of the right field berm. Faulkner’s phone started filling up with notifications from friends and family seeing his face on their televisions. The Party Berm Squad legend was born.

MSU BASEBALL: What the Texas A&M sweep means for State’s postseason hopefuls

MISSISSIPPI STATE BASKETBALL: Striker DJ Jeffries leaves the transfer portal

Family matters

Faulkner’s father graduated from Mississippi State in 1989. His mother went to Texas A&M but earned her master’s degree at MSU.

Thanks to his family’s moves to Dallas, New Orleans, and Houston, the establishment of a brown and white fandom in Faulkner continued. Mississippi College and A&M were in consideration, but where Faulkner ended up for college was hardly up for debate.

“It was always going to be the state,” Faulkner says.

His first game at Davis Wade Stadium came as a kid in 2007 – a win over Gardner Webb. He traveled to Columbus, Ohio in 2018 with his grandmother and father to see Mississippi State women’s basketball fail in the national championship.

Mississippi State sports were a cornerstone of Faulkner’s life, but enrolling in fall 2018 and living the reality of being a college student seemed surreal. He attended as many sporting events as he could, getting as close to the front row as possible.

When he had no friends to go with during the height of Vic Schaefer’s tenure at MSU, Faulkner joined his grandmother who had seats to watch her favorite program.

“(Life) has always been brown and white,” Faulkner said.

Front and center at Dudy Noble

Faulkner, like many sports fans, dreaded what accompanied the initial outbreak of COVID-19.

“Are we going to play sports again one day? he was thinking.

Mississippi State women’s basketball was on its way to hosting NCAA tournament games as the men’s team made a late push for the playoffs. Baseball was expected to have another season worthy of Omaha.

And then it disappeared with part of Faulkner’s college experience.

Faulkner attended football games in 2020 when students returned to campus, but the experience had nothing to do with pre-pandemic.

So when baseball returned in 2021 and the crowds grew, Faulkner’s friend Walker Phillips encouraged his friends to line up early and try to sit together in front of the berm every game.

It meant maneuvering through others – even the fearsome freshmen – trying to take their place.

They sat up front as crowd restrictions eased. They built their fame over the playoffs. Eventually, they traveled to Omaha to watch the national championship.

Faulkner thought back to his grandmother, an MSU superfan, who died in 2020 and never got to see State win a national championship. He thought back to when the sport had been suppressed.

He knew he was living a long-awaited moment.

“We did the fucking thing,” Faulkner said. “It was just a whole flood of emotions. I didn’t know what to do.

Cultivate a culture

Faulkner graduated last week with a degree in history. As he prepares for a job, the series in Florida two weeks ago was his last as a student.

In the series finale, he put the blindfold back on and pulled out the sweaty tank top he swore he would never wear again.

Three days after the series finale, he got out of the shower and saw a Twitter notification waiting for him. Mississippi State Baseball had put up a video with footage of Faulkner in the stands as he explained what Mississippi State meant to him.

A plethora of love came Faulkner’s way, including a response from coach Chris Lemonis.

“Daniel and his crew are what make the Dude special,” he wrote. “And he is at every sporting event. We will always have a place on the berm for you.

If Faulkner accepts Lemonis’ offer, it will be at the back of the berm, he said.

Seating in the front row is reserved for current students and, as an alumnus, he is no exception.

“I never intended to build a culture,” Faulkner said. “Now that the culture is built, I want the culture to be continued by the children who are in school.”

Stefan Krajisnik is the Mississippi State drummer for the Clarion Ledger. Contact him at or follow him on Twitter @skrajisnik3.

Top 5 Online Payday Loans For People With Bad Credit Tue, 17 May 2022 12:23:00 +0000

Payday loans are a form of financing widely used by thousands of people across the United States, providing a quick way to generate cash for unexpected expenses. Payday loans for bad credit tend to be characterized by high interest rates – although if you dig a little deeper you’ll find an array of payday loan providers who can offer reasonable rates to consumers with bad credit. credit.

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New Jersey’s best milkshakes are right here on the shore Tue, 17 May 2022 06:00:56 +0000

One of my favorite treats is milkshakes. I enjoy a delicious milkshake, especially now in spring and summer. I admit I have a thing for vanilla when it comes to milkshakes, but I can be tempted to try lots of different flavors.

One of my favorites for a good milkshake is lots of whipped cream, I enjoy a good amount of whipped cream on my milkshake. I’ll be honest and admit I’m not a big fan of lots of candy on my milkshake, for me keep it simple and plain lol Louis Hansel Louis Hansel

I recently came across an article by Only in your state and they highlighted the “best” milkshakes in New Jersey, the great thing is that the “best” milkshake is right here on the Jersey Shore in Monmouth County.

The article listed the eight best milkshakes here in New Jersey. We’d love to hear from you and let us know where you think we can find the best milkshakes in Ocean, Burlington and Monmouth counties. Post your picks and comments below and tell us your favorite spots for a fantastically delicious milkshake.

The honor of the best milkshake in the Garden State goes to a store located in Monmouth County. Only in Your State has selected Coney Waffle on Oceanside Avenue in Belmar as the number one milkshake store in New Jersey.

The insane, gravity-defying milkshakes are filled to the brim with everything from brownies to cotton candy, and are painstakingly crafted to please all of your senses. A visual treat, just wait to take a sip. Open year-round, it’s a great hangout – bond while you binge.

If you’ve visited Coney Waffle in Belmar, please give us your review and recommendations, we love to hear from you.

Every Extraordinary Restaurant in New Jersey Featured on The Food Network

Only The Best – These Monmouth County Burgers Are The Bomb

Benefits of Baseball and Basketball Uniforms by Affordable Uniforms Online Mon, 16 May 2022 21:00:13 +0000

If you’re a coach, you know how important custom baseball and basketball uniforms are to creating a winning team culture. Not only do these uniforms boost player self-esteem, but they also raise funds for your team.

Below are some of the benefits of custom baseball and basketball uniforms. You can create a unique culture by focusing on the details of uniforms.

Custom baseball and basketball uniforms can create a team culture

If you’re the youth baseball organizer, you know spring is right around the corner. As spring begins to warm up, you’ll want to think of ways to make games more exciting for kids. One way to achieve this is to make their uniforms look the part. Kids can feel like real ballplayers in a stylish set of uniforms, which will help them develop a love of baseball that will last far beyond their playing days.

Uniforms are a great way to show team spirit. Baseball uniforms are customizable and can be screen printed or heat pressed with the team logo or name. Custom baseball apparel, such as custom baseball caps, is a great way to promote the team and its logo. Custom baseball jerseys and apparel can also be customized to display team colors and logos. Uniforms and apparel are a great way to display team spirit and culture and promote the team.

Motivate players

Purchasing uniforms for your team is essential for physical and mental well-being. Getting the right baseball and basketball uniforms will boost player motivation. With a wide range of sportswear and uniforms to choose from, you’re sure to find something to suit your team. If you are looking to purchase uniforms for your team, consider ordering from Affordable Uniforms Online. You will find baseball uniforms and basketball uniforms at affordable prices.

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Boost self-esteem

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Help raise funds

One of the most popular ways to fundraise for your team is to sell baked goods. Bake sales can be organized by team members or the whole team, and they’re a great way to get a group of fans together and raise money for uniforms. You can even hold several bake sales during the season, including at the end of the season. Fundraisers are great ways to build team spirit and help fill a gap in your team’s funding.

Using local sponsors is the easiest way to fundraise for sports uniforms. Local businesses are always looking for new ways to promote their business, and sports fans are prime targets for advertising opportunities. If a local business is willing to sponsor your team, consider placing their logo on your uniforms as an added incentive. If possible, try to find local businesses related to your sport, including local restaurants or sports fans.

Media Contact
Company Name: Affordable Uniforms Online
Contact person: Scott McDaniel
E-mail: Send an email
Call: 602.730.7252
Address:Box 21741
City: Mesa
State: Arizona 85277
Country: United States

Expert explains how Syracuse basketball gets another Carmelo Anthony Mon, 16 May 2022 10:37:20 +0000

My friend Matthew DeBritz recently posted an insightful podcast in which his guest, a top recruiting analyst/scout, shed light on a variety of interesting topics relating to Syracuse basketball and the sport of college hoops.

DeBritz’s Dome Dawg podcast featured 247Sports scouting director Adam Finkelstein, who is by far one of the most respected experts in high school recruiting and scouting across the country.

With all the national chatter about name, image and likeness, and how the NCAA is trying to navigate this issue, Finkelstein explained how NIL, the transfer portal, professional opportunities and other factors create a seismic change in the college world, high-school and grassroots basketball recruiting.

One of the main challenges, when it comes to NIL, is that the rules and regulations around it can vary from state to state. And while student-athletes are permitted to earn sponsorship income on their own names, images, and likenesses, NIL offers are not meant to be used in player recruitment processes to influence them to choose a school or conference. specifically.

Syracuse basketball coaches must navigate a confusing NIL situation.

Of course, we don’t live in a fantasy world, and as far as I can tell, high school recruits and even college transfer portal players seem to be attracting ZERO money, some of them in six and seven figures , which is basically a payment of some form to induce them to select a specific team or conference.

From school to school, conference to conference, and state to state, not everyone follows the same NIL rules, and that has led, at least for now, to a clustering of NIL dollars in places like the South and Southeast, not so much on the west coast or in the northeast, where the ‘Cuse is, says Finkelstein.

He notes that just as basketball recruiting is much different than it was a few years ago as there is hopefully more clarity and unison on NIL in the future, this will mean that hoops recruiting will look a lot more different in a few years than where it is today.

By all accounts, according to Finkelstein and others, Syracuse basketball conducted its NIL efforts the right way and as intended, rather than being used as a recruiting tactic.

That being said, when Finkelstein discussed the possibility of Orange signing elite players from high school, like a guy like Carmelo Anthony at the time, NIL is a huge variable these days for top five-star prospects. 10.

For Syracuse basketball to win for a player like Melo on heavyweight recruiting, whether it’s a Duke or a Kentucky, Orange’s NIL has to be comparable – yet another times, not as a recruiting incentive, but rather as something players can take advantage of while playing for the ‘Cuse.

Finkelstein said that setting aside NIL as a competitive advantage (or disadvantage), for Orange to gain a top-10 prospect, then there would have to be what he called a “performance storm” of other factors, such as personal relationships and gambling. – time opportunities based on roster building.

While I frequently write about Syracuse basketball recruiting, I interact with many other fans on social media who lament that the ‘Cuse didn’t prevail at all in recruiting the top 10 to the 20 best players lately. years, dating back even to the days of Anthony, who picked Orange and helped the team win a national title in 2003.

I get all of that, but as Finkelstein notes, many recent NCAA Tournament winners had a lot of veterans on their rosters, so while five-stars and top-10 national rankings are great, signing players who match the Syracuse’s basketball system, and then continuing to develop them after joining the ‘Cuse, is extremely important.

Can the Orange attract a national prospect like Anthony to the Hill? Finkelstein says yes. Does that mean it’s gonna happen? That remains to be seen.

He also points out that if NIL were in place in 2002-03, no one can guess whether Anthony would have committed to the ‘Cuse.

Since joining the Atlantic Coast Conference in 2013-14, the Orange have worked their way through a bunch of regular seasons, although the ‘Cuse have had some great Big Dance runs.

Recruiting has certainly dipped in the final stanzas, and NCAA sanctions from several years ago hurt the team, but the 2022 six-member class is a step in the right direction.

Can Syracuse basketball recruit at a similar level to Duke and North Carolina?

It will prove difficult, but as Finkelstein said, high school recruits and college players on the transfer portal view the ACC as an attractive conference to compete for.

Comic strip: this AAPI heritage month, I’m done living in fear Sun, 15 May 2022 14:05:10 +0000

Find this story and others like it in our bi-weekly gender and identity newsletter. Click here to register.

Like many women, I was taken aback when I realized someone was following me home.

It was 10 years ago and late at night. I walked down the subway stairs to a station platform and prayed to hear the comforting laughter of others. Instead, I met someone who wanted to talk.

This casual conversation slowly tightened his grip on an unwanted pursuit. They followed me to the entrance of my house.

In February, when news of Christina Yuna Lee’s murder started spilling onto my social media, I couldn’t help but see the similarity between my experience and hers – except, of course, that I was still alive and she wasn’t.

Whenever I hear of another violent attack on my Asian American and Pacific Islander brothers and sisters, my initial urge is to avoid the news and hide at home. Despite candlelight vigils, petitions and promises from politicians, Asians are still under attack. It is a painful truth to live with.

My dad recently visited me in New York and we discussed ways to stay safe in public. On his last day in town, he shared with me, somewhat reluctantly, that the day before a passerby had shouted a racial slur at him.

Perhaps in response to the expression of sadness on my face, my father smiled kindly and said, “Maybe it’s because I was wearing this Tang jacket. He showed the traditional Chinese dress. While I was relieved that he wasn’t physically hurt, I felt like my heart was slowly breaking.

The jacket he wore that day is something I love; in fact, he ended up buying me the same one. We both decided to continue wearing our favorite jackets and venturing outside, even if we sometimes feel scared and hopeless.

As an Asian artist, I realized that expressing my true feelings through art is also an important way to find balance in these difficult times.

Each time I share painful and uncomfortable truths through art, I am surprised to encounter a deep, loving connection from people who view my work. I continue to do this work because art fosters kindness and nurtures our communities. This is where I believe healing and hope can emerge.

This is what led me to create a comic strip about this event almost 10 years ago, and I am grateful to publish it during AAPI Heritage Month. Although creating the comic was a difficult process – revisiting a chilling personal experience and bringing it to life with brushstrokes and color – I hope that by reading my comic you will feel a loving embrace of my part.

We are in the same boat.

New Jersey County Agrees to Landmark $10 Million Settlement for Paralyzed Black Man After Police Encounter Sun, 15 May 2022 10:02:00 +0000 The lawsuit, filed by 29-year-old Xavier Ingram, lists Camden County, the Camden County Police Department, then Deputy Chief of Police Orlando Cuevas and then-Chief of Police John Scott Thomson, as well as three police officers involved in the incident. — Jeremy Merck, Antonio Gennetta and Nicholas Marchiafava — as defendants.

The county agreed to a settlement last week after years of litigation and a mistrial was declared March 29 in federal court in Camden, when a jury was deadlocked over whether the officers were responsible for Ingram’s injuries.

After the mistrial, the judge presiding over the case asked the investigating judge to intercede and mediate to determine if the parties could agree on a settlement. The county made the settlement offer which was approved by both parties, which settled the case, Ingram’s attorney, Beth Baldinger, told CNN.

Ingram was transported from his nursing home to the courtroom where he gave his testimony on a hospital bed before the jury, which Baldinger called “truly remarkable”.

The lawsuit charged the officer with using unnecessary, unnecessary and excessive force and violating Ingram’s right to be free from unlawful and unreasonable seizure, as protected by the Constitution. The lawsuit also accused Merck of failing to provide the medical care required by their training and failing to intervene, which resulted in the violation of Ingram’s constitutional and civil rights.

Although all parties agreed to the settlement, Camden County attorneys, the police department and the officers involved told CNN the settlement was a business decision made by the insurance company. The defendants say Ingram was not entitled to the settlement, their attorneys said, not alleging any wrongdoing.

Jay Blumberg, attorney for Merck, said in a statement that the insurance company “was concerned about the climate in which we live and that the jury would not be able to see any further.”

Dan Keashen, media relations manager for Camden County and its police department, said in a statement following the settlement: ‘Totally disagree, and based on the insurance company taking a business decision and force the hand of Camden County, we will settle the case with Mr. Ingram.We do not believe this is the right decision, as we have repeatedly said in the last eight years of litigation.

Camden County officials continue to claim Ingram was injured when he fled from police during the encounter.

“Based on the settlement, the County maintains and continues to maintain that no wrongdoing has occurred and is not responsible for any of the actions and circumstances of the above incident,” Keashen’s statement continued.

Ingram suffered severe cervical spine injuries during the encounter, and he became a quadriplegic who is “permanently and utterly disabled,” according to the lawsuit.

“Mr. Ingram is very relieved, confident and comfortable with the settlement. It’s finally over. It’s been an epic eight-year battle to get justice for him,” Baldinger said, calling the settlement a “recognition formidable, even if the defendants do not admit responsibility.”

Officers stomped on Ingram, according to a suit

The incident occurred on June 12, 2014, when Ingram, a Camden County resident, encountered three county police officers who were patrolling on foot and conducting a “sweep” of an apartment complex, according to the lawsuit.

Ingram met the officers on his way to a liquor store where he met a friend, according to the lawsuit. When he left the store with his friend, according to the lawsuit, he was approached by Gennetta and Marchiafava.

Ingram ran into a restaurant parking lot while the two officers continued to pursue him, according to the lawsuit, then ran down the street and surrendered, lying on the ground with his hands out in front of him.

The two officers “jumped on Ingram and handcuffed him,” which he did not resist, according to the lawsuit. Merck arrived at the scene while Ingram was arrested.

Officers are accused of stomping on Ingram’s neck and back, then “severely punching” him, according to the lawsuit. One of the officers “put his boot on Ingram’s neck and voluntarily forcefully resigned”, causing him excruciating pain as he yelled at the officers to stop, the trial alleged.

Ingram also accused officers of failing to provide medical attention despite hearing him complain of extreme neck pain and being unable to feel his arms and legs. Officers observed Ingram’s condition but forcefully moved him and failed to stabilize his spine in violation of their emergency medical training, the lawsuit said.

CNN has reviewed a statement posted by the Camden County Police Department on its website on June 13, 2014, a day after the incident, alleging officers assisted in stabilizing Ingram after he slipped and fell at the floor.

“The arresting officers showed composure throughout the incident and had the presence of mind to immediately render assistance and seek medical assistance,” said Thomson in a statement included in the release.

Ingram’s injuries sustained in assault, doctors say

Cooper University Medical Center reported Ingram’s injuries to several areas of his cervical spine and said they were sustained during an assault, according to medical documents.

The defendants, however, argued that Ingram suffered his injuries while slipping and falling without being hit by officers.

The Camden County District Attorney’s Office also released a statement a day after the incident, alleging Ingram “slipped and fell on a wet road” in “an attempt to evade police.”

The lawsuit accused the defendants of conspiring to cover up the conduct of officers involved in the incident, including posting “false and misleading” statements posted on the police department’s website that claimed Ingram’s injuries appeared to be “an accident of its own accord”. .”

Security camera footage shows the arrest of Xavier Ingram.

Ingram was charged with harboring, resisting arrest, unlawful possession of a weapon and possession of drugs, according to court documents. Ingram’s attorneys argued that the drugs were planted on him based on several conflicting accounts as to who located the drugs, when and where. His attorneys also allege the gun was planted and police intentionally destroyed fingerprints and DNA evidence that would have exonerated Ingram.

Ingram, who maintained his innocence of the charges, obtained a separate criminal defense attorney who filed a motion to have the charges dismissed, which was granted two weeks after the mistrial, according to Baldinger.

During the civil trial, the defense team did not address the drug charges, but officers denied planting a weapon at Ingram, Baldinger said. The prosecutor’s office has not brought any criminal charges against the officers related to those charges after determining there was insufficient evidence to charge them with misconduct, she added.

However, a statement on behalf of Camden County and its police department after the settlement said the county was continuing to maintain at the time of the incident Ingram “dodged between two cars where a hot gun fired was found and had heroin in his possession when he slipped and fell unharmed while fleeing from pursuing officers.”

After both sides agreed to the settlement, Baldinger told CNN the lawsuit accomplished “what many civil rights litigants go through, which is an extraordinary ordeal.”

“To peel back the layers of how police departments want to present themselves publicly, but really how they operate under the radar,” she said.

UCLA men’s basketball welcomes top rookies Ron Holland and Isaiah Collier on official visits Sun, 15 May 2022 02:44:47 +0000

Two of the nation’s most coveted prospects both came to Westwood for the weekend.

Class of 2023 forward Ron Holland and guard Isaiah Collier both had official visits with UCLA men’s basketball on Saturday. Holland, of Duncanville (TX), and Collier, of Wheeler (GA), are both nationally ranked rookies who have already begun to narrow their options and put the Bruins at the top of their roster.