Focus on Caney Valley High School basketball player Brayden Peckham

Brayden Peckham has enjoyed the race of progress during his four seasons with the Caney Valley High boys’ basketball team.

In his debut season (2018-19), the Trojans missed a record .500 (11-12), although they recorded a major victory in the Regionals opener before being eliminated.

Peckham’s second campaign (2019-20) ended with a 13-10 record, although the Trojans suffered a drop in the second half of the season, amid increasing difficulties to improve.

The 2020-21 odyssey wasn’t too much of a fair indicator, with the schedule torn by disruption related to the virus, including several cancellations or postponements.

Despite this, Peckham and his teammates still set a winning record (9-8) for the second year in a row.

Peckham is now a senior – and the Caney Valley Trojans have gone like a celestial rocket with a short fuse.

They are 6-1, their offense is disappointing, their defense is fierce and they have proven they can win in the clutch.

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Earlier this week, the Trojans came back four points with 15 seconds left to beat Hominy, 58-56.

Peckham scored 13 points and earned praise from head coach Tug Brinker for his handling of the ball.

“We did pretty well on our free throws,” Peckham said of the win. “They had a technique towards the end that put him close enough that we could win. … I like to win. I like to compete, go out and win.

Peckham grew up in Colorado and as a freshman began his basketball activities.

He moved to college in Ramona.

“It’s a pretty big difference,” he said of living in a small town and country compared to the big city he is from Colorado.

Brinker certainly has reason to celebrate the arrival of Peckham, who feels like a small forward.

Asked what he thinks are his best assets as a player, Peckham replied: “I shoot the ball pretty well, I drive the ball and I think I’m a pretty good passer.”

He enjoyed being part of this senior group which has grown to be a competitive team.

“Since we played together everything is starting to come to a head,” he said.

The win over Hominy is Peckham’s favorite game so far this young season.

“It was the most intense game we have played,” he said.

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Looking down the road, Peckham eagerly awaits the rematch with Oklahoma Union – which left the Trojans their only loss – and games against Dewey.

In order to continue to create success this season, “we just have to be disciplined as a team,” said Peckham.

He appreciates the support of his family and hopes his high school coaches will remember him for his efforts and also for “trying to be a leader for the younger ones.”

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