How my commute turned into a nightmare for every driver in New Jersey

I wouldn’t wish that on any New Jerseyan. Well…maybe some Trenton politicians…but definitely not on you!

I know we in the Garden State have a lot of grief for our conduct, but we all know we’re not as bad as outsiders say.

“They drive so fast over there!” Sure, but that just means you have to stay out of the left lane.

“I was given the ‘Jersey salute’, how rude!” Chances are they deserved it.

“I saw some jerk doing the ‘Jersey slide’ on the boardwalk today.” Good…. OK, they have us there, it’s pretty heinous.

world moments

world moments

But I would say the most obnoxious drivers on New Jersey roads are out-of-state drivers and on my drive home Friday night I got a double dose of that.

I was driving east on the 195 when I saw two cars looking to go about the same speed even though one was in the left lane (i.e. the passing lane and the path I was on as well).

“Surely the car in the left lane will move away as I get closer,” I thought, stupidly.

I continued on my way until I was a few car lengths behind the two cars. I shouldn’t have been surprised to see that the car in the left lane had a license plate from New York, and the car in the right lane was (of course) from Pennsylvania.

Out. Of. State. Drivers.

They were driving at the same speed side by side. It was like the twins from The Shining were vehicles, and I was Danny on my trike just trying to get home for the long weekend.

For those wondering: no, they weren’t going 80 mph and I wasn’t trying to be a speed demon. They were both going to 65.


I couldn’t safely get a good photo, so you’ll have to take my (admittedly terrible) artist’s rendering of what it looked like.

AnnaElizabethPhotography/ Townsquare Media design

AnnaElizabethPhotography/ Townsquare Media design

Which means if I could have taken a picture of what my face looked like at the time, it would have been a combination of these three emojis.

Townsquare Media creation

Townsquare Media creation

After a good minute of trying to get the New Yorker to understand he was in the way, I tried to move to the right lane to see if Mr. PA would take the “can’t you see I’m behind you?” clue. .

He did not do it.

So I went back to the left lane. At this point, I felt like they were in cahoots and playing some kind of prank on me.

It took several minutes before the PA driver in the right lane finally moved forward, so I was able to free myself from their frustrating trap.

These foreign drivers must understand that the left lane is for overtaking! If you are in the left lane, traveling at the same speed as the driver in the right lane, AND there is a line forming behind you, the Jersey driver is not the problem. It’s you.

So when you hear people from other states say we drive badly, fuhgeddaboudit. WE know what we are doing on our roads.

The above post reflects the thoughts and observations of Kylie Moore of New Jersey 101.5. All opinions expressed are those of Kylie. You can follow Kylie on Instagram.

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