Igor Kokoskov has an incredible basketball mind

One of the reasons the Dallas Mavericks hired Igor Kokoskov last summer to be an assistant coach for Jason Kidd’s squad is his close relationship with Luka Doncic.

And also because of his incredible basketball spirit.

Kokoskov was the head coach of the Slovenian men’s national team that won EuroBasket in 2017. This is the same team that Doncic played for before joining the Mavericks and becoming one of the most famous stars. brilliant NBA.

“When you talk about Igor, the relationship between him and Luka is great,” Kidd said. “I think that’s something we thought of as we brought this staff together.

“I think it can help and it has helped, because he can be honest with Luka if he does something. I think there is great respect for each other, and he understands that Igor wants the best for him and will put him in a position to be successful, so there is trust and respect at a very, very high level. , and that’s the key.

The solid X and O factor that it brings to the table is also essential in the job of Kokoskov. From 2000-18, Kokoskov toured the NBA as an assistant coach for the Los Angeles Clippers, Detroit Pistons, Phoenix Suns, Cleveland Cavaliers, Orlando Magic and Utah Jazz before becoming head coach of the Suns in 2018j .

Kokoskov only lasted a year with the Suns before becoming an assistant coach for the Sacramento Kings. Now he’s back with Doncic and hopes to bring some of the EuroBasket magic with him.

“Relationships are great in this league if you want to be successful,” Kidd said. “It’s not just the relationship between that, but Igor also has a chip on his shoulders with what has happened in the past in the NBA.

“So this hunger and appetite that we all have, for some reason, I thought that was another big reason to have it on board, so I’m excited. I’m very lucky to have him and it’s going to be fun because every time I talk to him, I learn too.

What Kidd said he learned from Kokoskov is his innate ability to call games with the best of them.

“He’s very good at the game,” Kidd said. “I think when you talk about Igor Igor is an amazing coach and more of a genius when you talk about play calls and being able to put guys in different positions to be successful.

“And I think when you have that relationship when you talk about offensive coordinator and quarterback, it’s fluid. And that’s going to give us an advantage, because when you talk about the best player who has the ball, and Igor’s feeling is just going to put the guys in position to be successful.

New field – with the names of the players

The Mavs have unveiled their new basketball court, and it is indeed a one-of-a-kind family affair. In fact, the names of the 336 players who have played in a regular season game for the Mavs in all of their history are listed somewhere around the boundaries of the field.

“I just thought it would be a great idea,” owner Mark Cuban told Mavs.com. “Led it by (Mavs CEO) Cynt (Marshall) and (Marketing Director) Iris (Diaz) and they loved it and found an amazing way to do it.

“It showed that all the Mavs who put on a uniform are part of our culture and I thought it would be great to recognize them. All of them.”

Mavs coach Jason Kidd saw his name on the floor. And it was right in front of him on the team bench – and also in other places on the pitch.

“I think it’s very cool,” Kidd said. “The story of the Mavs is very important, and we need to talk more about it.

“When you talk about when they started with my bowling shirt – it’s getting a lot of attention right now – it was the warm-ups, and they were good. There is a lot of history and I hope I can help the younger people who are part of this team to understand who these names are, and that is my responsibility.

Mavs still buzz about Brunson’s dunk

The Mavs are still abuzz about perfected dunk guard Jalen Brunson in the second half of Wednesday’s 111-101 win over Utah Jazz.

Brunson had a total of four dunks in his rookie season – the 2018-’19 campaign. And he hadn’t had another dunk since then – until the one he had on Wednesday that put the Mavs bench up.

“I think everyone was surprised,” said coach Jason Kidd. “I think they were all in shock. I think that shows how hard he worked this summer on his vertical.

“I think he’s probably always been able to dunk. I think it just shows where he is in preseason.

Brunson let out a warm laugh when asked about his dunk.

“It’s a long time to come,” he said. “It was, you can tell, it was cool legs. You won’t see it too much.

Because Brunson was in thin air, it sent Kidd a positive message.

“He’s ready to go,” Kidd said. “I think it gave everyone a boost as well.

“It was a beautiful thing because you saw the bench and how they reacted. It’s just a natural thing of our group is that we encourage each other.

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