Iowa Hawkeyes Basketball: Kris Murray is testing NBA waters – can return

They grow up so fast. Ideally, all young Hawkeyes leave the nest and fly away on their own. This is what Mother Nature wants. After Keegan Murray flew away, most Hawk fans hope Kris Murray will test the waters of the NBA, get great feedback and make the Hawkeyes an even better version of himself. That said, it’s a selfish statement. Whatever is best for Kris Murray is best for Iowa basketball. The Murray family apparently pushed all the right buttons in the development of Kris and Keegan. From prep school to the University of Iowa to the NBA. By all accounts, they’re not just great basketball players, they’re great people. My son and I stayed after the Minnesota game this year. I could see how accommodating the Hawks, including Kris and Keegan, were to Hawkeye fans. It was no problem for them to pose for a photo or say a few words to a fan. They were well brought up and well trained to pay it forward. These little things are not little things. They are also a reason NBA teams will covet the Murray boys on their teams and in their communities.

Selfishly, HawkNation would love for Kris to return. If an NBA team decides to pick up Kris before he blows up next year (and he will), that will be a long-term win for Iowa basketball as well. If we go back to where coach Fran McCaffery inherited the program, there is a day and night difference in terms of talent. Iowa regularly produces NBA talent. The Hawkeyes have gone a few years without having seven legitimate players on the roster.

Coach Fran on Kris testing the waters

As expected, Coach McCaffery commented on Kris’ decision to receive NBA comment. “We fully support Kris in taking this opportunity to receive feedback from the NBA. Kris made great progress and really came into his own last season. He goes through this process with a professional approach and we are delighted to see his game evolve to another level. – Coach McCaffery

If Kris ends up keeping his name in the NBA draft, Iowa wins. Kris will be another Hawkeye basketball player in The League. Good players want to play at the highest level. Iowa can now nominate multiple players who have elevated their game to the pinnacle of the sport. If Kris decides to go back to Iowa, Iowa wins. In the short term, Kris’ return will no doubt improve next year’s squad. He’s a versatile and athletic player with length that can shoot beyond the arc. His game will improve next year as he plays more minutes and has more of the ball in his hands at key moments.

Guess Kris Murray will be wearing a Hawkeye uniform next year. At the same time, it wouldn’t surprise me to see an NBA team bring him in, like what they’re seeing, and get Kris a year of development at a “bargain” price. Either way, it’s a win-win for the Hawks and the Murray family. As always, go Hawks!

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