‘Keep taking no responsibility’: Ben Simmons slammed by NBA Twitter for comments on his infamous 2021 play

Ben Simmons has taken a huge blow to his reputation over the past few months. The Aussie native entered the league with the weight of massive expectations from NBA fans. Even before bouncing the ball once in the NBA, Simmons drew comparisons to legends like Magic Johnson and LeBron James. However, his career didn’t turn out the way most thought. It all came crashing down on a single playoff game two seasons ago.


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From comparisons to LeBron James and Magic Johnson to one of the NBA’s most polarizing players, Ben Simmons has come a long way in his 5-year long career. Simmons, who was drafted by the Philadelphia 76ers, now plays for the Brooklyn Nets. The All-star forward recently addressed the infamous playoff game last season, which caused the domino effect that brought him to Brooklyn.


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NBA fans react to Ben Simmons’ recent comment on his 2021 ‘bad game’

In the 2020-21 season, the Philadelphia 76ers were the No. 1 seed in the Eastern Conference and were the favorites to advance to the Finals. But Trae Young and the Atlanta Hawks had other plans for the 76ers. In the Eastern Conference Semifinals that went to the wire, the Hawks beat the 76ers in seven games.


‘Doesn’t deserve to be in the NBA’: Ben Simmons leaves NBA fans furious after disturbing report emerges

7 days ago

In game 7, Ben Simmons, already at the origin of an atrocious series, committed a huge blunder in the last minutes by missing a dunk. Many fans thought he did it because he was worried about taking free throws. Either way, the play became the culmination of Simmons’ shooting troubles.

Simmons recently reacted to the piece. He acknowledged the play as a mistake on his part and further remarked that he was not the reason the 76ers lost the game and ultimately the series. He said, “I made a bad play, but a lot of guys made bad plays. I’m not the reason we didn’t win. However, his acknowledgment of “bad play” came behind a weak argument that relied on the simple fact that many players make mistakes.

Following his “bad acting” comments, frustrated fans took to social media to vehemently voice their disapproval of Simmons. They seemed upset that Simmons still refuses to take responsibility for his failures. Here are some of the reactions from fans on Twitter:

Simmons’ stint with the Nets


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His exit from the 76ers was marred by controversy and backlash from Philadelphia fans. Simmons’ shooting issues were well known to fans, but they had turned a blind eye because he was a unique player who, more importantly, contributed to wins. However, when the victory ended and his shooting difficulties continued, the fans couldn’t stand him anymore.

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After not playing a single minute the previous season, Ben Simmons stepped into the Net uniform and played six games for Brooklyn this season. However, it looks like Simmons got worse after the year-long hiatus. His performance hasn’t contributed much and the Nets (4-6) are currently at the bottom of the table.


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Do you think Ben Simmons will improve this season? Let us know in the comments below.

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