Michigan sophomore looks to move to coveted No.0 jersey

The Michigan football team currently does not have a number 0 player in their roster, but that could change with the Wolverines’ season opener against Western Michigan.

In a Photo Shared on the team’s official Facebook page, cornerback coach Steve Clinkscale can be seen coaching a player wearing uniform # 0, a uniform that is currently not occupied by anyone on the Michigan listing. But a closer look at the photo shows the player’s helmet sticker # 13 and the helmet sticker with area code 508 (Massachusetts). Considering that Dennis is currently listed as No.13 on Michigan’s list and is from Worcester, Massachusetts, it would appear to be him.

The No. 0 uniform was worn by Andre Seldon and Giles Jackson last season – the first year the NCAA authorized the number.

Dennis, a former three-star rookie who finished No.484 in the 2020 247Sports Composite rankings, went from wide receiver to cornerback last summer and saw no game action in the fall. Still, Dennis is considered one of the team’s fastest players and was listed by special teams coordinator Jay Harbaugh last week as Michigan’s second-leg contender.

“It’s more than just the guy over there. We have a lot of talented guys in our squad right now who are dangerous with the ball in their hands, ”said Jay Harbaugh, listing Blake Corum, AJ Henning, Roman Wilson, Mike Barrett, Brad Hawkins and Eamonn Dennis. “It’s a whole 11 person effort to be able to make this guy really good.

“I like where we are, but the objective will obviously be to be explosive in this phase. It’s a pretty good size group, a little deeper than we’ve been in terms of guys who have the ability to line up a ball and have ball carrying skills.

If he’s online to play in special teams, especially in kickoff coverage, a change from No.13 would make sense, as he couldn’t be on the pitch at the same time as the kicker and his compatriot n ° 13 Jake Moody.

Dennis received nine power five offers as a rookie and also did a 40 inch vertical jump in high school.


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