NBA 2K23 The W Revealed

Take-Two Interactive has revealed new details from the latest forensic report. In the fourth court report, the WNBA is the focus. Due to the growth of the WNBA, 2K is looking to grow with it. New Gen consoles will only be able to experience the W this year. 2K is looking to make a super immersive experience for this year’s release

The WNBA is growing, changing and shining brighter than ever. In NBA 2K23, we’ve taken big steps on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series S|X to help reflect that brilliance. This year in The W, only available on New Gen consoles, you’ll deepen your relationships with WNBA stars, grow the league, and come together as an online community to achieve great things! It’s going to take creativity, cooperation, and some serious skill. Are you ready to take your game to the next level?

NBA 2K23 Reveals ‘The W’ For Current-Gen Consoles


In NBA 2K23, we’re excited to share the progress of The W Online community. Everything in this mode is structured around what we can accomplish together. Each season will include six weekly goals that the community can work together to achieve. If the community is able to meet the collective goal in four of the six weeks this season, each NBA 2K23 player will receive a reward.

We want to reward community members for their individual achievements, but we wanted to experiment with the mode by providing a common goal for everyone to achieve. After all, basketball is a team sport. Your reward will depend on your contribution level, but when The W Online community wins, everyone wins.


The W is packed with all-new content and epic rewards, including WNBA jerseys, Coach MyTEAM logo and cards. You can show off your jerseys, brand new historical gear and more in The W and, on New Gen, in The City. All rewards will be exclusively available in The W Online. You will not remove a Las Vegas Ace Uniform Card from a market pack; you won’t find a Candace Parker Rebel jersey anywhere else, despite the variety of clothing options available in The City, the Dawn Staley t-shirt is a W exclusive. community.


NBA 2K23 offers a plethora of notable brands you can add to your wardrobe, including WNBA jerseys. This year, we are rolling out 60 WNBA player jerseys spanning multiple seasons. Coming in Season 1, you can expect Seattle Storm, Phoenix Mercury, and Chicago Sky, with two players from each team.


As we mentioned up top, there will be community goals to pursue, but there will also be smaller weekly goals that you will need to achieve personally. Special community members who invest a lot of time and effort in achieving the community goal will earn Game Changer status. Game Changers have the ability to imbue other The W Online players with Player Boosts to help the community achieve our goals. In the coming weeks, Game Changers will also be able to unlock new exclusive rewards for The W Online, including Team Takeover Boosts. Check out each of the Team Takeover Boosts and their benefits below:

  • Helping Hand – Give a percentage of your takeover actions to a teammate who needs help filling their bucket
  • Accelerator – Fill the takeover meter faster
  • Extender – This useful boost extends the activation time of a takeover
  • Resilience – Minimizes the effect of a negative action that would otherwise lower the meter
  • Game Changers have the ability to make a significant impact and literally change the game.


In the spirit of bringing you closer to the league, NBA 2K23 expands on our contacts feature by introducing contact challenges. In previous games, you’ve been able to connect with WNBA All-Stars, Legends, and Coaches to upgrade badge categories, and we’re happy to take those experiences one step further. As you progress through the mode and gain contacts, they will challenge you. These challenges will allow you to circle certain games on the schedule, team up with new players in contact workouts, aim for stat goals throughout the season, and stretch your game in new ways. The challenges will get harder and harder and completing them will earn you player bonuses and historical contacts. Contact challenges are a great way to grow your game and get familiar with the legends of the game.


For the first time in The W, your MyPLAYER will now have the opportunity to make the All-Star Team and participate in the All-Star Game. Show off your skills in front of adoring fans in a premier showcase of elite basketball talent. Another new addition are Commissioners’ Cup matches, culminating in the High Stakes Cup final match. The Mid-Season Tournament was implemented in the WNBA last year and offers a potential glimpse of a WNBA final game down the road. We’re excited to highlight two of the WNBA’s most competitive formats in NBA 2K23.


The additions of the All-Star Game and Commissioner’s Cup this year better reflect what the league is all about, but we didn’t stop there. We also want to give you the opportunity to build the future you want to see. Progressing in The W to max League Popularity Level 10 will unlock 2 Expansion Team Slots. From there, you control league expansion. Choose the city, build the arena, create the logo and design the uniforms. Bringing a historic team back to life? Put a team in your city? It’s up to you.


As you can see, change is the name of the game this year in The W. As the WNBA continues to evolve, we want to evolve with it, continuing to expand The W’s reach. We can’t wait to see how you will choose to develop the game and the league. Everyone is capable of being a Game Changer and helping lead the community to new heights in NBA 2K23!

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