New Jersey’s Best Bread

There are many things we are proud of here in New Jersey, and right at the top of our list is the amazing bread that we enjoy so much here in the Garden State.

Photo by Jude Infantini on Unsplash

Photo by Jude Infantini on Unsplash

A lot of people say it’s all in the water here in New Jersey, and that’s what makes the bagels, pizza, and bread so amazing here in New Jersey.

I agree with this explanation, something makes all these things so great here in New Jersey. Maybe it’s the water. It may be something else. But anyway, we are very happy about it.

Now we come to the best bread in a state known for its amazing bread. It’s a big headline, and it shouldn’t be taken lightly.

Photo by mohamed hassouna on Unsplash

Photo by mohamed hassouna on Unsplash

That’s why when we found out that the highly respected folks at Food & Wine were the ones who named the best bread in New Jersey, our curiosity was piqued.

So where are we going to taste the best bread in all of New Jersey? Looks like we’re headed to Jersey City.

The website chose the amazing Bread & Salt as the place to get the best bread in the Garden State.

The highlight for them is the Italian bread at Bread & Salt. Experts and customers can’t help but be thrilled. They also have amazing pizzas and sandwiches, so give them a try soon.

We are so proud of our amazing New Jersey bread. Must be something in the water, right?

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