Nico Hischier has more than a cramp

The New Jersey Devils started the preseason 2-0 and looked good doing it. There’s plenty to be excited about as they head into a new year. It’s unclear if they’ll make a move to the playoffs, but it’s obvious they won’t be a complete disgrace all season as long as they’re healthy.

Speaking of being healthy, the Devils are currently dealing with a serious injury. Nico Hischier came out of the game on Monday with what was described as cramping. They made it clear that he was taken out of the game for precautionary reasons.

It gave the impression that it was no big deal and that he would be fine. Unfortunately, they seem to have given false hope by announcing on Thursday that he would be re-evaluated after 10 days following a sprained hamstring.

On the one hand, it’s clear the New Jersey Devils were dishonest with Hischier’s initial update. It’s annoying because people want to know what’s going on with their players, especially one as important as Nico Hischier. Honesty can go a long way with trust.

The New Jersey Devils need to get Nico Hischier healthy as soon as possible.

In the future, the most important thing is to ensure that Hischier is healthy. He finished the 2021-22 season so well that people think he can be a game changer now, as he was drafted to be. With Jack Hughes and Jesper Bratt in the mix, that Core can make some noise if healthy.

Hischier is the captain of this team which also talks about the man he is and his importance as a leader at the clubhouse. Missing a player like that for a long period of time will definitely hurt the team, so we have to hope that he will be back soon after those 10 days.

When Hischier returns, the things he brings to the ice will be monumental. He is very good on his side of the ice, which makes him one of the best two-way players on the team. He also exploded offensively in the second half of last season which is a very good sign.

If he can keep scoring goals and improving others around him, between 75 and 100 points isn’t out of the question for the young captain. He may or may not be back for the season opener, but it shouldn’t take long. Let’s hope he recovers quickly because they need him.

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