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Love life

Becca Evans, part II

Season 2

Episode 6

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In the last recap, I briefly explained how Darby and Augie had an accidental baby, and I thought there was no way it would turn out the same with Marcus and Becca. On the one hand, it would just be boring. But also these two pregnancies took place under extremely different circumstances. Darby and Augie had so many stories together and love for each other that co-parenting was the obvious choice, but Marcus and Becca are practically strangers – friends with perks that had no intention of. to stay together for the long haul.

That being said, I could see this relationship playing out in two ways: Marcus agrees to be a parent but remains miserable, even though it still felt like a rehash from the first season, or they end up losing the baby, which many of them end up losing. references to Becca’s age imply. (Disclaimer: I didn’t bing all season because I wanted to avoid spoilers.) It seemed like the natural progression as it would give Marcus the boost he needs to re-evaluate his wants and needs in life and love. I can’t say that I have had a fear of pregnancy before, but I feel like this experience would just give you a glimpse of reality. (Correct me if I’m wrong.) Ultimately, Becca and Marcus decide to terminate the pregnancy after numerous complications that would lead to miscarriage. Marcus is relieved (“I know this is going to sound a little crazy,” he concedes), but maybe these last few episodes will explore the complicated feelings that come with losing a baby he didn’t have. Never Wanted.

Before this revelation, however, “Becca Evans, Part II” sees Marcus come to terms with his future fatherhood. At first it can barely work. He’s downhearted and depressed, able to think only of his baby on the way. Later, he even half-jokes that he was under surveillance, which is extremely scary to think of given that he had no support. Ida, Kian and Yogi try to shake him up, but Ida and Kian don’t take him seriously and Yogi is in daddy mode forever, so he can’t understand why Marcus wouldn’t want to be in his shoes. . They can’t seem to be able to grip the boulder and a hard place it is between. He really doesn’t want a baby, but he refuses to be an absent father. (Side note: please go to therapy, Marcus !!!)

Marcus has effectively had his entire agency ripped off. (“But wherever he turned, Marcus struggled to find any evidence that he was in control of his own life,” the narrator said despite Marcus’ perpetually worried frown.) Of course, that is. Becca’s body is at stake here, and it’s her decision that matters most. But that made Marcus a ghost hovering nearby. I thought about how Becca said she only told him about her pregnancy “out of courtesy.” It’s the little autonomy he has in this situation – he could have known nothing at all. There are other things, too: how Becca treats this baby as a sort of makeover, plus her previous comment about having a “cute mixed baby.” Even though Marcus and Becca develop an occasional co-parenting relationship, it’s impossible to ignore her power over him. It’s this rich white lady who uses this pregnancy for her own profit, maybe even her vanity, while Marcus is stuck staring lazily.

There is always that great first love that everyone is compared to. In the first season, it was Augie, Darby’s incredibly charming first boyfriend, who was too freewheeling to settle down. With Marcus, that impending crush that has raised the bar is Mia. She’s the only person he can talk to about the whole mess, the only one who won’t judge him (too much), the only one who will listen to him, and the only one who will help him forget how scared he is, just for a little while. The two have something of a Before sunrise-date esque, in which they walk around Central Park for hours, argue like a real couple about corner store shoes, and open up to each other in a way they don’t ‘have (probably) never before. The fact that the last piece takes place on the steps of a church is significant. It is a place where life begins, during a baptism or a wedding, but also where life ends. This moment they spend together is very sweet, especially since their flirtation has never calmed down since this first meeting at Darby’s wedding, but it is tinged with melancholy. There’s a chance they’ll never see each other again, and it’s like silently mourning a relationship that never existed.

And just as Marcus has accepted his new life, he loses the baby. With the end of Marcus’ time with Becca, Love life finally opens the door for him (ultimately) reunite with Mia. During the first half of the season, these two turned to each other, diving in and out of relationships, and maybe just biding their time to make it official. William Jackson Harper and Jessica Williams are both charismatic protagonists who have a palpable chemistry that translates into making it easy for them to talk and laugh together. Marcus has always worried about pretending to be someone he isn’t, but with Mia he can be his real me. “So what do we do now?” Marcus asks. I can’t wait to find out.

• When Marcus is micro-assaulted by the clinic receptionist, Becca is angry on her behalf, but her worry seems performative as she has never apologized for her own ignorance.

• Marcus watching Becca and her daughter (who is in community service for a DUI) arguing before he could even say hello would be the perfect form of birth control if he hadn’t already forgotten to wear a condom.

• No thought, just the complete exchange of Marcus and Yogi about keeping the children in the car. (“Is this for the kidnappers? The dogs?”) I sound like someone who was left in the car as a child with the radio on. Yogi is valid!

• Now that it looks like Jessica Williams will play a more central role (yay!), I highly recommend The incredible Jessica James, a delicious romantic comedy that would have been his role of escape in a just world. Better late than never.

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