The Best NFL Jerseys, Ranked

With 32 teams in the NFL, there have been redesigns after redesigns of each football team’s jersey to get to where they are now. Some concepts stuck, and some were quickly dropped. Fonts have changed in form, along with the choice of new color schemes. Whether they make players seriously intimidating or just flashy superheroes, there are undoubtedly some more superior than others. Here are the 32 NFL jerseys ranked:

32. Seattle Seahawks

With a design far removed from most NFL teams, the Seattle Seahawks use this bright neon green to blend with dark navy and stone gray, making it a sight for sore eyes. With the green getting flashier every year, it even gets harder to watch them play.

31. Houston Texans

At a glance, Houston jerseys often look like the Patriots. Both like to show patriotic colors, although the Texans don’t follow through to make it that extraordinary in their own way.

30. Dallas Cowboys

Their most notable feature is their silver metal pants and helmet, but just because it’s their most recognizable feature doesn’t mean it’s more alluring. The jersey being white and blue throws off the whole uniform. The uniform may need to do away with the metallic fabric and consider another approach, perhaps more minimalistic, so it doesn’t look like he’s about to step into a wrestling ring.

29. Kansas City Chiefs

Of all the teams using a shade of red, the Kansas team uses the worst shade of all. They try to adopt a vibrant retro style, but their shine dampens quarterback Mahomes’ flashy throws.

28. Los Angeles Rams

The Rams have recently changed color over the past few years, going from their dark navy blue and deep gold to flashy blue and light golden yellow. Although it may be necessary to change colors from time to time, their new blocking bears a strong resemblance to their neighboring team, the Los Angeles Chargers. The font choice seems unprecedented, as its sans serif font makes the jersey feel less threatening. One of the only acceptable parts of their uniform is the ram’s horns decaling the sides of the helmet.

27. Detroit Lions

Blue like the Great Lakes above them, Leos have a lot of blue as a whole. With gray being their opposite color, it manages to make the blue look even tackier while the gray becomes washed out.

26. Denver Broncos

This vibrant orange hue is an interesting choice for their jersey, it definitely helps the other team see you coming. The dark blue stripes on the sides of the body down to the chest are the only nicely added detail, mostly because they take away some of that disgusting orange and sculpt the player’s body.

25. Chicago Bears

Although many will say the Chicago Bears have a classic look, they don’t stand out like other classic styles. It lacks a well-deserved shine, however, with colors similar to the Denver Broncos, they top them with their more delicious looking colors.

24. Tennessee Titans

The Titans have a lot going for their uniform, with two different shades of blue along with gray shoulder placements and the athlete’s number placed four times on the jersey. The font is also an odd choice, it is rather thin with extremely sharp serifs.

23. Pittsburgh Steelers

Similar to the Packers jersey, the Steelers love to show off those gold and white stripes on their shoulders. The rounded, italicized digital font is very off-putting, unlike most serif, block fonts that most teams use. Along with the typical hatred for this Pittsburgh team, many like to ridicule their attire, always joking that they look like bumblebees with their classic black and gold-yellow ensemble.

22. Indianapolis Colts

With all the different shades of blue on NFL teams, the Colts just wash away with their bland, unoriginal blue attire. Although blue paired with white is a better use of blue than Leos. In fairness, they’re probably mistaken for the Cowboys, although at least they don’t use any metallic pants in their uniform.

21. Cleveland Browns

The Browns jerseys are definitely brown, as they should be. It’s dark enough not to look like real feces, although it’s in dangerous territory. They consistently feature an overwhelming amount of stripes all over the uniform, from the helmet, to the shoulder pads, to the pants, to the socks. Apart from the many stripes and their dubious brown hue, the orange pants complement the brown jersey extremely well.

20. Jacksonville Jaguars

There’s nothing too eye-catching about the Jaguars uniform except for its eye-catching teal color but could use a bit more upgrading. Add some spots to look like an actual jaguar and they could be fixed.

19. New York Giants

Not too bold, not too bland, the Giants keep it simple with their patriotic colors. Although the NY logo on the helmet looks cool and stylish, they could do with a better and more recognizable uniform with their iconic “Giants” logo placed somewhere on their body.

18. Washington Commanders

Since rebranding the team into their new mascot, they’ve made some fun tweaks along the way. The font choice is authoritative and sharp, which makes up for the lack of an actual logo at the moment. For now, they’re as solid as they come, but there’s plenty of room for much-needed improvement.

17. Carolina Panthers

When their mostly black jerseys are used, the Panthers manage to be the most intimidating team in the league. But when they aren’t, they just look mediocre. If they toned down the intricacies of cool blue, they would have a more solid uniform.

16. Arizona Cardinals

The Arizona team is making a bold move by keeping their all-white helmets as well as their mostly cardinal red attire. Their best look is their all-black outfit, with their worst look being the mix of red on the shoulders and white on the chest. Either way, they look good or not, at least they stay somewhat true to their related animal.

15. Atlanta Falcons

The choice of font on their jerseys just makes sense, matching the sharpness and intensity of its falcon logo. The “ATL” on the upper chest seems ill-fitting though, so they would have to resort to their mascot name again. Similar to Cardinals, they both look great when fully black, although Falcons are a bit more intimidating in their dark attire.

14. New York Jets

You’d think wearing green on a green grass pitch would be a big mistake, but this New York pulls it off. They have most of the typical uniform features, from the quintessential block jersey police to striped detailing on shoulder pads and pants. It’s simple but still unique in the sense that not many teams can use green in their uniform.

13. Adventurers of Las Vegas

What a stylish look the Raiders have perfected, their silver and black uniform with the classic blocked font gives it true football form. There’s not really room for upgrading, as it’s not necessary. The only complexity comes from their logo and that’s all they need.

12. New Orleans Saints

Gold and black are the best possible colors for this team, that’s undeniable. And similar to the Raiders, it creates a simply sleek and elegant look for the team while still being menacing all the same.

11. Buffalo Notes

With a valiant blue fixed with their red and white stripes, the Bills can easily be mistaken for Captain America. While some teams can’t pull off a superhero look, the Bills manage to work with it because their colors aren’t too garish.

10. Miami Dolphins

Miami’s jersey color actually matches that of a dolphin or at least its aquatic habitat. Opting for a retro style, they do well with their bright colors that are pleasing to the eye as they swim through the terrain.

9. Minnesota Vikings

On the two purple jerseys, the Vikings have a slightly more extravagant shade of color. For its own retro look, pairing purple with golden yellow is similar to what the Packers are going for. However, both work on their own,

8. Los Angeles Chargers

Although they share similar colors with their neighboring team, it’s the bolt on shoulder pads that make theirs a bit more delightful. Reviving a retro look, they are somehow able to pull it off, even with bright and flashy colors. They look like superheroes, but at least their mascot is integrated into their uniform, unlike most teams.

7. New England Patriots

The patriotic colors are very suitable for patriots, it is not debatable. Their uniforms have barely changed and don’t need it and its perfectly toned colors fully match the Pat Patriot mascot. But overall, it’s still not the most impressive or eye-catching set in the NFL.

6. Tampa Bay Buccaneers

The shade of red that the Buccaneers really display exudes a high level of intimidation and warmth, combined with those pewter helmets and pants. The crisp, quintessential black-outlined typeface is quite fun, making the jersey numbers look as bold as possible. It may sound simple, but it’s bold and intimidating enough to get the job done.

5. San Francisco 49ers

Yet another classic and consistent uniform from the San Francisco team, the scarlet and gold pairing well with the stripes to create a dignified ensemble. Compared to the Kansas City Chiefs who also use red and gold, the 49ers sweep the field when it comes to who wears it best.

4. Philadelphia Eagles

The Eagles have evolved their kelly green colored jersey to a thoroughly attractive midnight teal green, although many fans want the color to return to its original roots. But the new color rendition isn’t too bright but just subtle enough to please the eye, just like an NFL jersey should be. The wings placed on the front of the helmet are one of the best features of any NFL uniform, and something every Eagles fan should be proud of.

3. Baltimore Ravens

The crow’s purple hue shows balance and isn’t too overpowering. The font used on the Ravens’ jerseys stands out oddly, making their jersey numbers stand out among the rest. The intricate insignia on the shoulders adds a bit more honor and spirit, which many teams lack.

2. Green Bay Packers

The Wisconsin team kept their jersey always the same for several decades, making it not only recognizable but iconic. They really own their retro style and aren’t afraid to keep it going year after year. The colors go together extremely well, with dark green to show off their envy and this vibrant yet cautious golden yellow.

1. Cincinnati Bengals

The Southwest Ohio team seamlessly integrates its mascot into its jerseys, proudly displaying its Bengal stripes on its shoulder pads and helmets. Other teams should follow suit and work harder to incorporate their mascot into their uniform to enable real intimidation on the field.


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